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This forum is now INACTIVE due to the dangers of doing surrogacy in India. We have left the General Process and New Delhi topics for public view to warn others of the corruption and lies that can occur with some doctors in India.
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 How to determine a "good" clinic

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PostSubject: How to determine a "good" clinic   Wed May 06, 2009 1:51 pm

Things to think about and ask:

  • Anyone you contact, are they a medical tourism agency or the actual clinic/hospital?
  • Is there quick response time? By e-mail? By phone? (Call too, as this is better indicator if you'll get "good customer service")
  • Who performs the shots, egg pick-up, IVF, embryo transfer and delivery of the child? Is it the same doctor or different doctors?
  • Can you view pictures or video of the clinic, either from other clients or from the clinic?
  • What medication protocol is used on the egg donor (yourself) and the surrogate? Do you tailor to each client?
  • Does the clinic answer ALL your questions?
  • Is the equipment ISO-9000 standard (International standards) and modern?
  • Get resumes of all the doctors. Have they studied or worked abroad?
  • What is their average IVF success rate? Across all ages? For your age group?
  • Are you able to choose your surrogate?
  • What are the surrogate conditions?
  • Can you meet or keep contact with your surrogate?
  • Where is the baby born, at an associated hospital? If so, is that hospital "surrogate friendly"?
  • Who is listed on the birth certificate? If using an anonymous or known donor?
  • What is the payment schedule? How much is paid before reaching India?
  • What is refunded if you change your mind?
  • How much is paid if IVF fails and the surrogate does not get pregnant?
  • What is the fee for freezing, storing and thawing embryos? How long time is the embryo frozen?
  • How many IVF attempts are included in the package?
  • What is the additional cost of donor eggs or sperm? Can you get caucasian or other nationalities' donor eggs or sperm?
  • Have you worked with international couples? If so, from where? Get e-mail AND phone references.

Let me know if you can think of any more
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PostSubject: Re: How to determine a "good" clinic   Wed May 13, 2009 3:01 pm

How many embryos will they transfer and at what stage? Day 2/3 or blastocyst?

Do they have a communication plan if the surrogate gets pregnant? For example will they copy and email actual test results regularly?

Is there a way to verify their credibility outside of their website and self provided references?
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PostSubject: Re: How to determine a "good" clinic   Mon Jun 08, 2009 1:51 pm


  • Where does the IVF take place?
  • Where does the delivery take place?
  • Where are the frozen embryos, sperm or eggs stored?
  • Can I use my own lawyer to represent me?
  • Can we have a fee sheet from your clinic notarized by our lawyer?
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PostSubject: Re: How to determine a "good" clinic   

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How to determine a "good" clinic
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