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This forum is now INACTIVE due to the dangers of doing surrogacy in India. We have left the General Process and New Delhi topics for public view to warn others of the corruption and lies that can occur with some doctors in India.
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 Questions to ask a reference

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PostSubject: Questions to ask a reference   Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:35 am

Hi All,

Can anyone give me a hint as to the sorts of questions that I should be asking a reference from a clinic.
I want to make sure that I get all of the information that I need.
Thanks in advance for all your help.
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PostSubject: Re: Questions to ask a reference   Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:38 pm

Here are some questions I had when I was searching around:

  • How was the doctor's bedside manner/character while taking care of you? Was the doctor patient/rushed/answered all questions?
  • Did you have appointment times and did you wait long to see the doctor?
  • How are the sanitary conditions of the exam room? Bathrooms?
  • Overall, what state was the hospital in? Modern? Clean?
  • Was the waiting room very crowded every day?
  • Were the staff professional and courteous?
  • How many attempts did you try and were you successful?
  • Who performed the shots, a nurse, staff member or doctor?
  • Was it the same doctor who performed egg retrieval and embryo transfer? How many doctors did you deal with?
  • During the process, were they forthcoming with information about your case or did you have to e-mail/call often? Was communication smooth?
  • How was payment to the clinic/hospital, did that go smoothly or did you have any hidden or upped charges?
  • How is the area around the hospital?
  • Can you recommend a hotel/B&B near the hospital (if they answer they stayed with family, they are probably of Indian origin, and their perspective may be different)?
  • Overall, how was your overall experience with them. Any negatives?

I'm sure I can think of more
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Questions to ask a reference
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