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 Defintion of Live Baby in India

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PostSubject: Defintion of Live Baby in India   Defintion of Live Baby in India Icon_minitimeFri Mar 12, 2010 8:49 am

This is something the agency told me that I would like to know is truly the definition by law in India:

A live baby is when the surrogate reaches 24wks preg. So if there is a m/c at 24wks + or still born, you must pay the full package price.

I know there is about a 50/50 chance of surv at 24wks, and something like a 90% chance at 27wks.

Does anyone know if this defintion/practice is typical for clinics/agencies, or if it is in fact some kind of ART policy in India?

The agency has said it never has happened with their patients and that they would "work with us" to try again. This is something that really scares me - even though I remind myself...not my eggs and not my uterus!
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Defintion of Live Baby in India
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